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We are currently realigning MTMfair's focus and will relaunch in due course.
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Minima Radius Chair
Radius dining chair
South Africa
kenana knitters
woolen teddy bear
kenana knitters
A5 rustic frame
A5 wooden frame
luna designs
South Africa
Wonki Ware ceramics
Dinner service
wonki Ware
South Africa

MTMfair is realigning its focus

We're closing the B2B Marketplace, but not our Mission: MTMfair's commitment to Sustainability lives on!
In 2018, MTMfair was established with the aim of creating a global platform where makers of sustainable interior and lifestyle products could showcase their goods to an international network of distributors, retailers, and consumers.

As founders of Project Sixto, the parent company of MTMfair, we chose to grow the platform organically without resorting to "hiring and firing" practices. The goal was to provide a self-funded platform where like-minded sellers and buyers could enjoy the benefits of "noise reduction" through the concentration on ethically produced interior and lifestyle products.

The disruption of the trade chain though the COVID-19 pandemic however, as well as the flooding of the market by heavily invested competitors during and after this time have led us to conduct a thorough analysis of customer needs thereby realigning our business model.

As a result, MTMfair will relaunch soon, focusing on enabling makers from Southern and East Africa (initially) to showcase their products to European buyers. In addition to product showcasing, our relaunch will encompass a platform for members to interact, pose questions, pool resources, receive shipping quotes, get best practice tips and much more.

Current active members will be automatically transferred to the new platform. If you are interested in becoming a member, you are welcome to sign up here, so that we can inform you once the new platform is up and running.

"Our goal is to build a community of makers and buyers based on the spirit of Ubuntu, where everyone benefits from collaboration and shared success."

Trade chain Southern and East Africa to Europe
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We'll inform you as soon as we're ready to relaunch!
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