MTMfair combines the classic trade fair with a future orientated B2C platform where both retailers and consumers can discover exclusive interior and lifestyle products. Our groundbreaking technology enables exhibitors from all over the world to target their preferred group of customers accurately and without language barriers.

MTMfair was developed out of our many years of experience in production, distribution and retailing and our commitment to making this supply chain more economical, environmentally friendly and fair.

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The cost and time required between the time when a new product can initially be presented and the time until it receives its first order is enormously high.
What happens during this time? Distributors and/or retailers have to be contacted, exhibition stands, hotels and flights are booked and paid for, the advertising department prints new brochures and catalogues, logistics companies are commissioned - the list of to-dos is long. Will the new product sell as expected? How much CO2 footprint has the product generated between these two points in time mentioned above? And last but not least, will the trade fair take place at all? Indeed, this too is a question that needs to be asked nowadays.

On MTMfair, the product can be uploaded directly after completing the photo and can be presented accurately by country and customer group. Our detailed reporting shows exhibitors how high the attention for the product is in which country. This allows you to react even before the product goes into series production! This not only saves exhibitors enormous costs and time, but also avoids considerable CO2 emissions. The latter is becoming more and more important, not only for the end customer but also for the retail trade.

What makes MTMfair so fair? During the development of the platform it was important to us that no potential exhibitors are disadvantaged. Whoever has a good product should have the opportunity to exhibit it.

Often it is not possible for exhibitors to exhibit at a trade fair, because the costs are simply too high. Particularly disadvantaged are manufacturers from developing and emerging countries, whose travel costs are significantly higher than those who are already at home in the target market. Added to this is the purchasing power parity (PPP). For exhibitors from developing and emerging countries, an overnight stay in a European hotel or the stand fee at a trade fair is significantly less affordable than for European exhibitors.

At MTMfair we have therefore developed a fair pricing system. This means that members who are at home in a country with a lower gross domestic product (GDP) pay a lower membership fee than members from countries with a high GDP.

More about this in our FAQ "What do you mean by fair pricing structure?"

With MTMfair, we have developed a global trade platform for sustainably produced interior and lifestyle products, which is based on a traditional trade fair.
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Save money
Save money
MTMfair offers you all services at a fraction of the costs of a conventional tradeshow. In addition, you pay no transport, no travel, no hotel!
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Save time
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365 day exposure
A headline that says it all. Every other tradeshow comes to an end. MTMfair never ends! Show your products, find new products, trade your products. All year round only here.
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Future orientated
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