Manufacturer 1 of a kind (Ltd.), Grünwald, Germany

About 1 of a kind (Ltd.)

Mark and Sofia, the Ambassadors

Pebble's way into the German-speaking market began in 2010 with a business trip to Bangladesh. When Mark Hachmann and Sofia Lopes came across the brand, it was love at first sight. Who could possibly resist this project and people?! At this point Pebble was just six months old – so we became an exclusive distributor partner and helped lifting the brand out of its infancy and to bring it to the children’s rooms in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland and meanwhile the Benelux countries.

And that was only the beginning: The story of Pebble inspired us to look for more products that had something more to say, so 1 of a kind was born: Since then we have been selling small and fine brands with social and sustainable aspirations – that are serious about making the world a better place.
1 of a kind (Ltd.)
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Manufacturer 1 of a kind (Ltd.), Germany
1 of a kind (Ltd.), Grünwald
About 1 of a kind (Ltd.), Germany