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Originally established in Berlin as a retail store in 2007 and as a distribution company in 2008 under the name Cape Times, Brands for Future became the new name for the distribution side of the business in 2019 in order to eliminate the confusion.

In 2007 I moved from Cape Town to Berlin with my wife with the intention of introducing contemporary and sustainable African interior design products to Europe.

Right from the beginning and to this day my focus is on the distribution of products that fulfil social, ecological and economical goals. I expect every person involved in the making and trading of the products to experience dignity and joy in their work whilst the consumer should get maximum satisfaction out of having purchased a long lasting, ethically made product.
Brands for Future
Alt-Buch 45-51
13125 Berlin
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Benjamin Rüggeberg
Benjamin Rüggeberg
Distributor Brands for Future, Germany
Brands for Future, Berlin
About Brands for Future, Germany