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CARRY is good for you and your environment. Natural, sustainable, neutral in taste, durable and beautiful. Drink when and where you want and provide your body with enough water to keep you fit and healthy.

We at CARRY have set ourselves the goal of developing a sustainable, durable and aesthetic drinking bottle.
Our bottles are developed in Berlin and produced in Lower Saxony. We source our materials completely regionally.

We believe that the eye drinks with us: through our different colourful designs we want to draw attention and remind you that it is important to drink enough.

Our CARRYs are flexible, robust and the perfect everyday companion. They can be filled with still or sparkling drinks, are also suitable for tea and can be washed in the dishwasher. If your drinking bottle accompanies you to sports or on holiday, you can protect it with the matching sleeve made from recycled PET bottles.
Carry Products GmbH
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Marc Erberich
Marc Erberich
Manufacturer Carry Products GmbH, Germany
Carry Products GmbH, Berlin
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