Manufacturer Coco Africa Design, Franschhoek, South Africa

About Coco Africa Design

Coco Africa is a small enterprise workshop. We enjoy designing & manufacturing unique, innovative, comfortable and useful everyday products. Each item is skilfully crafted by gifted local craftsmen from the Franschhoek community. Our team focuses on the highest standards of manufacturing, joinery and finishing. This artistry results in the beautiful smooth finish, a trademark of Coco Africa€€™s products.

Products can be personalised with lasering or branding.

The Coco Africa workshop is a team of gifted woodworking craftsmen from the local community, focusing on the highest standards of manufacturing, joinery and finishing. Aubrey heads the production, concentrating on perfect joinery. Assistants Michael & Eldriek process rough stock and finish jointed items to perfection. Cindy focuses on design and marketing and provides final quality control: no items leave the shop without having been properly looked over and lovingly felt.

What it€€™s all about: "The excitement of the wood arriving, watching the patina appear as the planks are processed. The scent of the natural wood oils in the dust. A few sneezes in between. Seeing the designs form as the wood gets a new life. Giving the designs a name. The smell of the wood as the branding iron burns the logo. The relationship and respect for each other as wood lovers in production. Working alongside a team of creative people. Establishing meaningful relationships with our clients. Working in such a beautiful part of the world. The sheer joy of making beautiful things."
Coco Africa Design
Cnr of Huguenot Street & Daniel Hugo Street
South Africa
Manufacturer Coco Africa Design, South Africa
Coco Africa Design, Franschhoek
About Coco Africa Design, South Africa