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We believe that elegance and luxury should be accompanied by respect for nature and human life. Therefore, while searching for brands to partner up with, we not only focused on their products, their work ethic, but also on their production processes.

- IKIKIZ: The most natural and wearable clothing, created free from stereotypes, against individual utopias and surreal body standards€€¦

Ikikiz developed a unique weaving technique for linen to minimize its stiff, inelastic, and quickly wrinkled structure by mixing it with pure cotton. This creates a soft, long-lasting, and sustainable special linen without damaging its natural properties.

The next step is to dye the fabrics with blocks made from linden wood, using natural dyes by hand. Each pattern transferred to the linen fabrics is unique. This is a result of the reflection of the momentary emotions felt by the artisan.

- BULDAN€€™S: Our home, bathroom, and beach products are manufactured by one of the leading textile producers of Turkey. Their high-quality yarns, natural fibers (cotton, linen, bamboo, and Tencel®), annually changing catalogs, state-of-the-art fabrics with unique material combinations, and color options make our home textiles irresistible for the end customers.
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Halime Didem Evginer
Halime Didem Evginer
Distributor Fulmarix e.U., Austria
Fulmarix e.U., Wien
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