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About Generosa

We created Generosa in 2018, starting our entrepreneurial adventure and becoming two female business leaders.
Our experience as houseplant shop owners and our agronomic knowledge led us to create a community of plant lovers that made us believe in this line of slow-made products that we present.
We position ourselves as an eco-conscient brand always seeking to work for a better world.
Generosa helps you take care of your plants and reveals many secrets on how to keep them happy.
To better enjoy the moment of caring for your plants, with style and convenience, we created a line of houseplant products. From handmade accessories to natural care products, we offer solutions for any plant lover.
Comércio e Serviços, Lda.
Rua José Cardoso Pires loja 7A
1750-430 LISBOA
Tel +351916355838
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Cristina Mota Capitão
Cristina Mota Capitão
Manufacturer Generosa, Portugal
Generosa, LISBOA
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