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About HighSociety Studio

HighSociety closely collaborates with coffee roasters and wineries selected according to sustainable criteria.
The studio upcycles by-products of the agricultural industry such as Coffee silverskin, tobacco residues, spent grain, hemp residues, grape mark, and much more. The organic waste material is turned into lighting pieces or furnishings. Each lighting piece is crafted by hand, which makes each lamp unique.

Sustainability plays a fundamental role from the sourcing of by-products to the delivery of the final objects:
by-products are collected locally and around Italy, renewable energies are involved in the production, no additional waste is generated during the processing of the objects, the delivery of the goods is organized through transport partners that mitigate CO2.

The waste streams are turned into lighting pieces designed for hotels, restaurants, cafes, or retail spaces that value design without compromising on sustainability.
HighSociety Studio
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Johannes Kiniger
Johannes Kiniger
Manufacturer HighSociety Studio, Italy
HighSociety Studio, Sexten
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