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My name is Imke and I live in Berlin, or rather Brandenburg, because the old Berlin Wall runs 20 meters in front of our door.
I moved to Berlin in 2014 with my husband and youngest son, after having lived in South Africa for the last 41 years.
I started pottery many years ago whilst living in Botswana. It was more for fun than anything else. But when my path led me to Cape Town, I noticed more and more that pottery was what brought me joy. So I slowly changed into this profession.
Then 3 children came along and many moves, so there never seemed to be enough time for pottery. But I continued to let myself be inspired by great ceramics and their relation to the earth.
Hence I have at last been able to delve into the world of ceramics again. My trusted old kiln has migrated from South Africa to Berlin with me and still provides me with faithful service.
I would like to keep things simple and regional, most of my raw materials are made in Germany and I would like to not export all over the world, as I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint. And on top of that, I feel that there are beautiful things being made all over the world, so it would be so nice for people to enjoy things that are made closer to home.
I draw my inspiration from my long years on the bright, southern side of the earth, where the sky is mostly blue and one moves through life with a certain ease. I think that in a country that has experienced a lot of trauma, people are trying to find a better way, and that creates a place for positive human encounters and above all freedom in every way, including the freedom to create. This is reflected in my work I hope.
I would describe my ceramics as simple but playful. Some articles are made in the building technique and others are cast with Slip. All my plaster moulds are made by my husband and myself, some of them are already 26 years old, but they have such a beautiful shape that they don't seem outdated in any way, so you might have to add classical to the description of my work.
I hope that people will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.
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Imke Maeyer
Manufacturer imkeramik, Germany
imkeramik, Schildow
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