Manufacturer L'Afrika, Hamburg, Germany

About L'Afrika

L' Afrika presents the collection of : Ardmore Design is the sister company to world-renowned Ardmore Ceramic Art.

Ceramic art available from L'Afrika is shown in the collection on this website

All our fabric collections are inspired by the handmade ceramics of the Ardmore artists and designed together in the Natal Midlands of South Africa.

Our fabrics are the basis of our luxury lifestyle brand. Each tells a story and, like the prized Ardmore ceramics, the aim of any Ardmore design is to bring the original African story into the home and connect the customer to the African roots of Ardmore, whilst retaining an international look and feel that works in almost any environment. So with this in mind, Ardmore Design's mission is to turn African art into global design.

Our fabrics are velvet and a cotton linen blend and are suitable for upholstery, while a selection of cushions are available in silk.
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Manufacturer L'Afrika, Germany
L'Afrika, Hamburg
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