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About Mifuko Oy

The core idea behind Mifuko is in its name: in Swahili, €€˜mifuko€€™ means pocket. With Mifuko, everyone is left with something valuable in their pocket. For the artisans in Kenya, it€€™s fair pay, empowerment, and less dependence on unpredictable farming as a source of income.

Following Fair Trade principles Mifuko has been employing women in the rural villages of Kenya since 2009. We pride ourselves on the design and creation of high quality products that are handmade by skillful Kenyan artisans.

Our baskets and bags are created using traditional weaving methods as the knowledge of weaving passes from generation to generation. Mifuko already employs 650 women and look forward to seeing the next generation of artisans becoming part of our Mifuko family.

Mifuko is a certified member of World Fair Trade Organization WFTO.

Our social impact:
- Mifuko maintains long-term relationships with women´s self-help groups and other partner workshops.
- Mifuko products are handmade in Kenya.
- Mifuko´s supply chain is completely transparent.
- Mifukos products are environmentally sustainable.
- Mifuko provides 50% advance payments to producers on orders and the other 50% is paid when the products are finished.
- In the design process Mifuko works together with the artisans taking into account their skills and capacity.

We have been radically sustainable since 2009. We are a community of strong, independent women. We love the fusion of Nordic design with African handicraft.
Mifuko Oy
Hämeentie 130 A
00560 Helsinki
Tel +358 50 532 2562
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Paula Al Hammouri
Paula Al Hammouri
Manufacturer Mifuko Oy, Finland
Mifuko Oy, Helsinki
About Mifuko Oy, Finland