Manufacturer Studio Stirling, Waverley, Johannesburg, South Africa

About Studio Stirling

Studio Stirling is a small entrepreneurial company, punching way above its weight. We strive to give personal service to our customers. Studio Stirling has won Design Awards in Italy and was one of the 5 global honorees in Best Outdoor product in the USA in the Interior Design Magazine award.
She ship all over the world and are found in corporate head offices, hotels and discerning client's homes, including the Google Head office, Singapore Airport, Uber head office and Game Lodges such as Singita. We have been featured in Wallpaper magazine.
Our products are hand made and we believe in a world of homogenized mass production, slower designed, handmade products require less energy than mass-produced items and often last longer, reducing the cycle of waste in our “throw-away” culture.
Studio Stirling
10 Stirling
Waverley, Johannesburg
South Africa

Manufacturer Studio Stirling, South Africa
Studio Stirling, Waverley, Johannesburg
About Studio Stirling, South Africa