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About Wren Design

Wren believes that life is a connection of experiences.

Using paper was an innovative idea that came about our founder, Wendren was driving behind a cement truck and thought that the print on the cement paper bags looked cool. And then buying shoes and learning how they are bonded to fabric for strength.

Some months later, in a rather fortuitous moment, Wendren fused this fabric to some cement packaging and took it to her sewing machine. It worked, and paper became a sewable material! This is how Wren began.

Wren is a design and manufacturing studio located in Cape Town, South Africa that produces lifestyle accessories such as bags and laptop sleeves that are hand made from recycled cement paper that is fused to cotton for strength and coated with Nano liquid glass to be water resistant.
Wren Design
59 Main Road
Muizenberg, Cape Town
South Africa
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Wendren Setzer
Wendren Setzer
Manufacturer Wren Design, South Africa
Wren Design, Muizenberg, Cape Town
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