Our roadmap

In this roadmap we will keep you informed of all the many things that still need to be done.
We are open to ideas so feel free to send us your suggestions.

Exhibitor profile
Further menu items in your profile are currently being added. These include a "manage addresses" page in which you will be able to add more than one company address.
We are currently setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for a speedier loading of the website.
Invite your contacts
Know anyone who would love MTMfair? Invite exhibitors and visitors and collect valuable credits. The full story of how it works will be posted on MTMfair shortly.
We are in the process of adding more languages, the first two of which will be French and Spanish.
Online Catalogue
Exhibitors will soon be able to place their products in an online catalogue. The catalogue URL will contain the exhibitor's domain, i.e. www.exhibitors-name.com/choose-your-catalogues-url/
We will further develop our messaging system for an optimal user experience.