Retailer Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux, Audierne, France

About Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux

Living abroad for 20 years, mainly in Africa, is bound to leave its mark ! The word Kabambi is Swahili for something great, grand or gigantic. During one of our last trips to Africa we met craftspeople who do great things and have great ideas about developing craftwork, creating amazing articles from reclaimed or recycled materials and discarded objects. That's upcycling !

The objects in our shop and on our website are original, elegant items which are carefully made by craftsmen and women. Each decorative article, for house or garden, is unique, simple and hand-made. This last aspect is essential to the development of a local, sustainable economy. It contributes towards the safeguard of craft skills. It perpetuates employment in economically fragile areas where a stable job means a secure future for craft workers and their families.

Our way of thinking is both ethical and supportive and the items we choose are above all ones which catch our eye and are a successful blend of a raw material transformed by skilled craftspeople into a contemporary design object.

Our objects are all touchingly meaningful in the sense that they give materials a second life, thus preserving the history of the original objects. Colours weathered by sun and rain, wood smoothed by the action of the waves, metal rusted with age give our decorative objects a special charm. Now their story will become yours…
Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux
Place de la République 6
29770 Audierne
Retailer Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux, France
Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux, Audierne
About Kabambî - Déco & Cadeaux, France