Textile petersham ribbon red, olive, creme

Good Ribbons, Germany

This 20mm beautiful textile ribbon is as versatile as the colours they come in. Originally known as Petersham ribbon - after Lord Petersham who invented the hat band - this beautiful ribbon has found its way into creative shops around the world. This 20mm textile ribbon in the colours red, olive, creme is soft and lovely to the touch and inspires one to creative projects.

Our textile ribbons can be used for wrapping gifts, to decorate or create. The ribbons are pre-washed so they will not shrink, they are machine washable and will not fade. They can be ironed and best of all, they can be reused!

Material: Polyester
Roll length: 25m
Minimum order: 10 rolls (mixed to your request)

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Cape Times, Berlin

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Textile petersham ribbon red, olive, creme
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Textile petersham ribbon red, olive, creme