Soap dishes

Imkeramik, Germany

My hand built soap dishes are made of stoneware clay, and glazed with a dishwasher proof glaze.
They are sturdy, with little feet, a hole in the center and 4 little raised spots to keep the soap dry between uses.
Considering our climate crisis, bar soap is the best way forward, be it for hair, hand or body soap.
I make the dishes in 2 shape variations, oval or rectangular, both of which fit a regular bar of soap easily.
Colours are fairly flexible, they come standard in white and green, but on request I can make other colours too.


Height: approx. 3 cm
Width: approx 8 cm
Length: approx 12 cm

Height: approx 3 cm
Width: approx 9 cm
Length: approx 13 cm
Circumference: approx 36 cm

Please note: I require 2 to 3 weeks to make an order, unless I have stock, which would then obviously be shipped within a couple of working days.

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imkeramik, Schildow

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Soap dishes
Soap dishes, Imkeramik, Germany
Soap dishes, Imkeramik, Germany
Soap dishes, Imkeramik, Germany