A3 square picture frame made from reclaimed timber

Luna Designs, South Africa

Luna Designs specialises in the manufacturing of picture frames made from reclaimed wood. The strips of timber used in the process for making these shabby chic frames is collected in and around Cape Town, South Africa by disadvantaged members of our community. Over the years we have built a very good working relationship with our wood suppliers who are paid a very fair rate depending on quality and quantity of wood supplied.
The collected wood is taken to our farm to dry for up to 2 years. Here the wood is insured against fire as the terrain is dry and hot and rain are extremely scarce - i.e.perfect drying conditions for reclaimed timber.
Once dry, the wood is prepared for production: nails, screws and other metal objects are found using metal detectors (in order to protect the machinery) and removed by hand.
Now the strips can be up cycled to create beautiful distressed wooden picture frames and mirrors.
We offer standard sizes from A6 to A1 as well as variations of these in panorama and square formats. Please contact us or our distributors for details.

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Luna Design Co., Cape Town

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A3 square picture frame made from reclaimed timber
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A3 square picture frame made from reclaimed timber