Paper Tubs

Wren, South Africa

These Paper Tubs aren’t only about clever design and clean lines; they have generous hearts and will hold potted plants, pens & pencils, fruit, unruly cables, coins, cutlery, and countless other items that need a comfy home!

Fully reversible – the paper can be one the outside and the fabric on the inside, or the fabric on the outside and the paper on the inside
Coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water resistant
Adjustable height – just fold and roll the top
They fold flat and are super lightweight so they are easily tucked away when not in use

They come in three sizes:
Tall: 20cm (h) with a 14cm square base
Medium: 17cm (h) with a 12cm square base
Short: 10cm (h) with a 12cm square base

Wren regularly creates really beautiful corporate gifts, and most of our products can be branded - right from our new Slim Wallets all the way to the large Messenger Bags.

There are many ways that we can brand our products including hand-stamping (where the look is quite distressed - which also has it's own charm!), screen printing (for high quality printing in large volumes) and digital printing (high definition for smaller quantities and the prints can be in full colour). Other options include debossing and metallic foiling.

Where can I buy Wren products?

Wren, Muizenberg, Cape Town

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Paper Tubs
Paper Tubs, Wren, South Africa
Paper Tubs, Wren, South Africa
Paper Tubs, Wren, South Africa