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You know this feeling... you are always on the lookout for extraordinary products to complement your product range.

Your customers expect information about the origin of the products and buy consciously.

Your time is limited on physical trade shows and your train or flight home is due to leave before you've managed to complete your orders.

MTMfair is your bridge to your suppliers, long after the trade show doors have closed, and long before they reopen in half a year!

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A visit to an international trade fair can be as exhausting as searching for a needle in a haystack. Sustainable products take a very long time to find, buyers have difficulty in finding the truly exceptional and innovative exhibitors.
Relaxed selection of ever new and innovative products from a wide range of sustainably produced interior and lifestyle products. Convenient from home. It doesn't get any better than that.
Advantages of online trade shows

  • Make use of our self-learning filter and search system
  • Regional or country-based searches possible
  • Sorting by brands, colours, materials and many other tag-based features possible
  • Direct communication with members within the platform through our messaging function
  • No costs for travel or logistics
  • A 24/7 real time growing and accessible choice of products

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Sustainable interior and lifestyle products

As a new online trade fair for sustainable products in the fields of interior design and lifestyle, we offer a constantly growing range of products from around the globe.

We provide access to exciting new ethically produced products from around the world to wholesalers, shop owners and interior designers.

In addition to well-known brands, you will also find other innovative and up-and-coming exhibitors who do not exhibit at traditional trade fairs.

MTMfair offers trade visitors the opportunity to benefit from the excellent growth opportunities in the sustainable market.

Great products for your shop, for your trade or even your retail chain. Here you will be happy with a wide selection of sustainable and fair products. Your customers will love it and your sales will increase.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the international B2B market

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